5 Days Tigray Churches Tour 

Day 1. Addis Ababa – Shire – Axum

Up on arrival at Shire Airport , you will be welcomed by our representative and then you will drive the 65 km straight to Axum through the stunning mountain and stunning Tigray landscape. In the meantime , your guide will give you information about Tigray churches tour 5 Days and Tigray region. After you check into your hotel you have your lunch. After lunch, continue your city tour by the Obelisk park. These famous granite obelisks are remnants of this period and have earned UNESCO World Heritage status. The tallest , the great stelea , fell and broke into six huge pieces , but when it stood 33 meters (108 feet) tall and weighed about five hundred and twenty tons and monument other amazing pre-Christian.

We continue to visit Queen of Sheba swimming pool , Ezana Inscription , tomb of King Caleb and his son Prince Gebremeskel ,Palace of Queen of Sheba ; the legendary southern ruler eventually visits St. Mary Zion church and the Old Testament House.

O/n Axum , Yared Zema International Hotel

Day 2. Axum –Gheralta 

After breakfast in Gheralta, drive through the impressive Adwa Hill to visit the huge temple of Yeha, which dates from the 8th to the 7th century BC and is thought to be the capital of the Pre-Aksumite civilization is and proceed to see the museum. Then drive for another hour to visit the famous and ancient temple of Debre Damo and stop en route at Adigrat for lunch then drive to Hawzen  for overnight . O/n Vision Hotel

Day 3 .Visit Gheralta churches

After breakfast, drive 12 kilometers west of Hawzien to see the high tigray churches and our highest is Abune Yemata built by one of the nine saint named Saint Abune Yemata ,according to the clergy the church was built in the 6th century A.D.This amazing church is built on a steep and skyscraper hill, it is difficult to climb but it really is a spectacular place with great views and beautiful pictures . In the evening , Head to the northern part of the city to see another beautiful church named Giorgis Maykado /St.George church / . This church was also carved out of the rock of the river , built well and the church still in use in the vicinity . The interior of the church is beautifully designed and filled with ecclesiastical treasures , art , architecture and sculpture . O/n Vision Hotel

Day 4. Visit Hawzen Churches

In the morning, drive to the foothills of Korkor Hill and start hiking and climbing for an hour assisted by locals along the way stopping to take pictures of the beautiful mountains of gheralta and the landscape of gheralta is for entertaining views . The top is flat and has a nice space for comping and meditation . while at the top you will continue to see Mariam Korkor built by King Ezana and Sayzana in the 4th year A.D and go to the next church Daniel korkor .Saint Daniel,was a monk and worked there for a long time bird. He later built and named a second church after him, Daniel Korkror . Once you arrive you don’t feel any fatigue because it is a mountain sport so you just start wondering by the history , solid believe ,Architecture and the stunning view.

In the afternoon drive to the southwest of Hawzen to see the church of Mariam Papasit . When you arrive at the site , walk from the car to the bottom of the cliff by a village and a river to see the interesting church . O/n Vision Hotel

Day 5. Gheralta – Mekelle -Addis Ababa

In the morning, drive south of Hawzen to visit the last procession of Tigrayan churches Saint Abune Abrham church , an hour’s drive from the scenic highway and the good thing , the church was beautiful built and it has nice pictures , unique by the height of its pillars ,it has ancient and special treasures , it has a very long tunnel and walking through it to the next monk cave that makes it something more unique than other churches .

On the way back , drive to wukro village on the way we stop to visit Abreha we Atsibeha or the ancient and beautiful church  built by King Ezana and Sayzana , which was built in the 4th year A.D by them and finally buried in the sacred hollies. After lunch continue to see the beautiful Wukro cherkos church  then drive 45 km to Mekelle airport to depart to Addis or stay your night  in the capital city of Tigray ,Mekelle . . 

5 days Tigray Churches Tour