Addis Ababa City tour

Addis Ababa

Explore the city of Addis Ababa’s during your Addis Ababa city tour and see the highlights on one comprehensive full-day tour. Addis Ababa is Ethiopia’s geographic, political and cultural hub. Addis is distinct from many other African capitals because it was not founded or developed under colonial rule.

*  Mount Entoto with the best panoramic views over the capital and refresh your self
*  Ethnographic museum , where you can see a variety of arty facts from all the different regions reflecting the history and culture of the country
National Museum which among other exhibits the replica of the 3.5 million year old bones of Lucy.
St. George Cathedral, where paintings by the famous Ethiopian artist Afework Tekele and other ecclesiastical wealth and cultural heritage of the past are displayed.
Trinity Cathedral: this is the burial place of members of the imperial family and noted patriots;  the cathedral is the most magnificent of its kind in the country, ornamented with carvings, mosaics and other artistic works.
Merkato. The largest market in Africa where virtually everything is on sale from livestock to computers to a huge selection of Ethiopian arts and crafts is always quite an experience and it gives you the highlights of the real life of African people.