Addis Ababa Day Trips

Addis Ababa ,the vibrant capital of Ethiopia ,offers numerous day trips options for visitors . Here are a few recommended destinations to explore ;

1 .Day trip to Wenchi Crater Lake from Addis Ababa

    If you are looking for a day trip outside of Addis Ababa  , Wenchi crater lake is a nice choice for spending your weekend vacation .Wenchi is located 155km west of Addis at 3380 m above sea level and you will visit the large lake ,hot mineral springs, water falls ,beautiful valleys ,farm land and old monastery as well nice walk and horse riding .

    2. Day trip to Debre Libanos Monastery

    Spend a day away tour of visiting historical, natural and cultural attractions to Debre Libanos Monastery, which dates back to the 13th century, and spend time at the Jemma River and the 17th-century Portuguese Bridge. You can expect to see plenty of birds in the area, along with geladas, a type of endemic baboon. with time left to stop at a traditional restaurant to sample some “Tej,” Ethiopia’s signature honey wine.

    3.Day trip to Ziway from Addis Ababa

    Early morning, depart south from Addis Ababa to Lake Ziway, one of the chain of lakes found in the Great Rift Valley.  Here you will take a boat trip on Lake Ziway to the island of Tullo Gudo.  On the island we met by local guides and were introduced to the unique culture of the Zay people. Though just 900 of them live on the island, their culture and language are completely different from the surrounding Oromo people

    The island hosts the church of Maryam Tsion which, according to tradition, once housed the Ark of the Covenant to hide it from invaders. After the visit, return to shore, enjoying the bountiful birdlife on this lake and possibly some hippos.  Return to Addis Ababa late afternoon.

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